Bellroy is all about combining form and functionality when it comes to their vast offerings of everyday carry: be it backpacks, wallets, travel folios, and more. The Bellroy Flipcase Wallet, for one, does not disappoint as far as card wallets go.

This is a sleek double-sided wallet that gives you space for eight cards or six cards plus folded bills. One side is for quick access to your most-used cards and the other to store everything else. Meanwhile, interior dividers keep things neat and organized so you can separate paper from plastic.

The Bellroy Flipcase Wallet is handcrafted from premium-grade vegetable tanned cow leather from ECCO Leather tannery in the Netherlands. It protects your cards with its durable hardshell construction with a polymer interior. And just like other minimalist wallets from the brand, this one also offers RFID protection to prevent data theft.

Where this EDC really shines is in its ingenious dual magnetic trap door system to access the cards. It snaps back into place when you’re done to keep things secure. This way you don’t have to worry about lost cards or wonder if you’ve closed your wallet or not. All it takes is a simple flick of your thumb for quick access.

Moreover, the Bellroy Flipcase Wallet is beautiful inside and out. It feels smooth to the touch and the rounded edges prevent unwanted scrapes be it on your skin or pockets. It is also conveniently sized at 4.1” x 2.8” x 0.4” to fit the back pocket of your jeans or to sit comfortably in your hands.

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Images courtesy of Bellroy