Fitorch’s K2 Lite is a pocketable flashlight equipped with versatile functionality both for indoor and outdoor use. It’s a high-quality mini torch that offers both durability and style in a unique design. 

For starters, this flashlight boasts five brightness levels that can reach a max distance of 100 meters and light intensity of 1,805 cd. There’s High with 1000 lumens of bright, clear, and evenly distributed illumination. Then there’s Medium, Low, Eco, and Strobe, at 150, 30, 2, and 1000 lumens, respectively. 

Fitorch’s K2 Lite flashlight has a runtime of 20 hours under Eco mode, 3 hours for Low, 45 minutes for Medium, and 15 minutes for High. It even comes with colorful auxiliary lights, divided into static, dynamic, and flow modes.

Unlike other outdoor flashlights, unfortunately this is not waterproof. But it is dustproof and dust-resistant and can withstand impact up to 1 meter. It also serves many uses with its compact and lightweight design, you can take it anywhere with you for on-demand illumination. 

Fitorch’s K2 Lite flashlight is only 40g and sits perfectly in the palm of your hands at merely 2.5″ long, 1.6″ wide, and 0.5″ thick.  You can clip it to a hat and use as a headlight, attach to your tent as a camping light, attach to the waist or belt for night runs, or mount to your bike as a bicycle light. 

There are two material options available for the shell: Aluminum or Titanium alloy. The aluminum is resistant to wear and pressure, is anti-slip and safe from collision or squeezing. Meanwhile, the titanium has a frosted and glossy appearance and built  to resist twisting, accidental drops, and impact. Fitorch’s K2 Lite flashlight runs on a USB-C rechargeable battery and has a built-in light indicator for easy battery life monitoring. 

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Images courtesy of Fitorch