Dango’s P01 Pioneer Travel Wallet is versatile gear when you want something more out of your wallet than just storage for money and loose change. Much like a notebook sleeve, it also offers a pen, a pad, and plenty of pockets. 

This EDC “continues to traverse the landscape with its ability to carry and secure a wide range of everyday essentials.” It keeps everyday writing tools compact and ready to deploy with the built-in pen pocket and notebook pocket. Onto the face of the wallet is a zipper pouch to store small items like coins, memory cards, screws, jewelry, and more. It also has a strap to stash in cash and can hold up to 14 cards within its compact design.

Meanwhile, built into the wallet is a flip-out D-ring to secure keys, lanyards, chains, paracords, and more. As with other P01 releases from the label, Dango’s P01 Pioneer Travel Wallet also comes with a stainless steel MT01 Clasp Multi-Tool equipped with five functions. These include a chisel point, a 1/4″ hex socket, a flat head screw driver, a Phillips screw driver. and a mini bottle opener.

Dango is not one to skimp on quality for the sake of design and functionality. This particular gear is guaranteed for long-time use given its durable construction. It is precisely cut and sewn together by hand to ensure exceptional quality and attention to detail. it is made of DTEX material, a highly functional, textured material that is resistant to water and scratches. It also gives the wallet a premium and tactile handfeel.

Moreover, Dango’s P01 Pioneer Travel Wallet keeps you data safe from illegal theft with its RFID blocking material. Aside from the pad, this EDC can also secure one passport with the MT01 Clasp, which can be stowed away on the inside of the wallet or clasped to the outside. The clasp can be stowed away on the inside of the wallet or clasped to the outside.

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Dango’s P01 Pioneer Travel Wallet

Images courtesy of Dango Products