When you look at motorcycle designs, one would realize that there is only so much that can be changed so that it remains functional. That’s probably why most of the custom builds that come our way might feel uninspired sometimes. Although there are projects that manage to stand out every now and then, we’re still after those that visually break the mold. Thankfully Shane Baxley knows exactly what we are talking about. Take for example his awesome work on the Baxley Moto.

Earlier, we were talking about how mechanical restrictions are limiting engineers in a big way. Thankfully, this concept artist from Hollywood is a master in the digital space. Hence it allows him to bring forth jaw-dropping works, that would defy conventional understanding of two-wheeled transportation. Perhaps, what prevents manufacturers from flexing their capabilities is the combustion engine.

Just compare traditional motorcycles and models with all-electric configurations. It’s clear that zero-emission platforms are more flexible when it comes to visual presentation. Although the Baxley Moto is not hindered by anything, it opts not to go overboard. The most striking elements are the hubless wheels on both ends. Take note that this centerless setup actually exists commercially, it is difficult to execute properly.

However, Shane takes into account all the technical aspects of this might work in the real world. We love how robust the frame and arms look. It should allow the Baxley Moto to handle most types of terrain. While most battery-powered concepts are regularly either too angular or too curvy, this one strikes a good balance of both. We can only wish that a shop draws inspiration form this.

See more of his works: here

Images courtesy of Shane Baxley/Behance