Base Camp X knows the value of a good cutting blade in the wilderness. All the BCX blades, from their first axe to their latest addition of the Wendigo, are made for use from rugged carefully crafted elements.

The Base Camp X Wendigo ($255+) is their modified version of what a hatchet might dream of being. This chopping tool has a long, heavy, 1/4″ thick blade more reminiscent of a machete than the small edged head of a hatchet. The Wendigo comes in three sizes, 8″, 10″, and 12″ blades, all made from reclaimed 5160 high carbon steel and crafted in Nepal. The blade features a sharpened chisel tip on the front for more delicate(!) work.

It is full tanged with Rosewood handle scales and a heavy Hammer pommel on the end. Dedicated to environmental protection, the BCX Wendigo comes with a hand cut leather carrying sheath and even ships in a 100% recycled cardboard container so there is nothing synthetic to be land fill food.