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Woodman’s Pal Premium Machete

Since Frederick Ehrsam first introduced the Woodman’s Pal in 1941, it has consistently been rated as the best machete in the world and is the favored choice for forestry, agricultural, and…

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Best 18 Tactical Shirts for Men

If you're looking for a shirt that can hold everything from water bottles and machetes to matches and bullets, then one of these tactical shirts should be high on your list of priorities


WK Camp Knife

If you’re ready to upgrade from your modest Opinel to a more serious outdoor/apocalypse-ready blade, here’s a suggestion–the WK Camp Knife. Looking more like an intimidating machete than a knife,…


Base Camp X Wendigo Wood Chopper

Base Camp X knows the value of a good cutting blade in the wilderness. All the BCX blades, from their first axe to their latest addition of the Wendigo, are…


ACME Crates Doom Kit

Unless you’re building an army of warriors (specialized in hand-to-hand combat), I can’t figure why you’d need an ACME Crates Doom Kit ($495). But then again, you’ll get “a collection of…


Armageddon Knife

If you’re looking for a camping knife that can keep an edge and handle big jobs like chopping wood or building a shelter, you can’t go wrong with the Armageddon…


ESEE Junglas Dark Earth Knife

We’ve seen a lot of great survival knives come down the pipe, but this has got to be one of the most impressive ones. The ESEE Junglas Dark Earth Knife ($167)…

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