We bet everyone agrees that getting up from bed in the morning might be the hardest task ever. Don’t deny it, but it is a fact wherein the temptation to just sleep in is the strongest especially when it’s a workday. Many will swear that an alarm clock or maybe their smartphones are already enough to kickstart their engines. Meanwhile, the rest would tell you that it’s the smell of coffee that can get the job done. Thus, this Kickstarter project presents the Barisieur 2.0 and it might just be pure genius.

What might appear to be something that belongs in a laboratory is actually going to be your new favorite gadget. Taking the abovementioned observations into account, it blends the two into one interesting device. In our opinion, its versatile functionality would make it at home both in the bedroom or the kitchen.

If you’re still wondering what it does, the Barisieur 2.0 is a combination immersion brewer and alarm clock. It’s fascinating how the Joe Resolve was able to craft a retro-futuristic aesthetic that does not go overboard. The mix of certain elements definitely turns it into a great conversation piece in our opinion. This machine can brew coffee or tea and even houses a small drawer to store your supply.

The Barisieur 2.0 understands that most people love to have their beverage with milk. Therefore, the built-in smart refrigerator relies on sensors to regulate the temperature properly to keep milk fresh. Furthermore, the wireless charging stand would tempt anyone to keep it close to their bedside. This is definitely going on our list of awesome gifts to give and receive this holiday.

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Images courtesy of Joy Resolve