Among the design influences we often see on custom bikes, those with aviation themes are probably our favorite. Perhaps it’s because both share similarities when it comes to aerodynamics, which easily transitions into sleek silhouettes. Meanwhile, Bandit9 takes that concept but tweaks it a bit to make it seem ready for trips beyond land. This is the Supermarine.

After seeing the silhouette of this motorcycle, it’s evident the inspiration behind this outline lives underwater. Bandit9 clearly notes that the body channels the hydrodynamic shape of Mobula rays. A close relative of the Manta ray, these fishes are often seen leaping out of the sea as if taking flight.

This takes a lot of power to build enough speed and breach through the surface. Although you won’t be jumping about on the Supermarine, it will still deliver the fast-paced rush riders crave on a bike. The manufacturer’s team of aerospace, mechatronics, and robotics engineers are crafting a lightweight yet robust chassis.

Depending on the trim, it uses 7075 aluminum or carbon fiber. Bandit9 gives us two options: Stealth Class and Carbon Class. The former uses race-spec ABS, while the latter goes for exactly what the name implies. Specs-wise, the range-topping model is equipped with a 1,200-cc Triumph Twin engine that outputs close to 103 horsepower and 83 lb-ft of torque.

Choosing the Carbon Class Supermarine also gives you a 6-speed gearbox and a titanium exhaust system. Then there’s the Ohlins suspension and Beringer Aerotec 6-piston brakes. Finally, the top speed is around 130 mph. Bandit9 will deliver the first production run units by December 2021.

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Images courtesy of Bandit9