It’s amazing to think that Pixar’s first box office hit would turn into a major franchise for the company. What followed were a steady flow of amazing movies that are now beloved classics by both young and old. Moreover, the studio continues to pay homage to the title that put them on the map. Already in its fourth installment, the film’s dynamic duo are inspiring a fresh set of iconic kicks with a unique feature in tow. The BAIT X Reebok Toy Story Instapump Fury is a mismatched pair of pure awesome from all angles.

We’re thinking that the non-matching aesthetics is marketing these shoes as highly-collectible. This unorthodox configuration is technically quite rare but not unheard of, which is why we want it so badly. Let’s start off with the right shoe, which features an upper mostly in blue denim. Meanwhile, the overlays are a mix of yellow and white/black cow print, with red pull tabs on the tongue and heel portion. Obviously, this side represents our cowboy friend Woody.

Meanwhile, the left half of the pair dons a more intergalactic colorway akin to the space ranger’s suit. There are splashes of white, purple, and green with a small hint of yellow and red as well. The BAIT X Reebok Toy Story Instapump Fury is one fun collaboration that commemorates the premiere of Toy Story 4. Good luck hunting for these because it seems there won’t be a public release. Fans of the franchise will be shelling out big bucks once resellers get their hands on a few.

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Images courtesy of BAIT