At the 2019 Computex show in Taipei, Taiwan, computer hardware companies are in full force with guns blazing. Showcasing the best of the best, consumers are seeing some of the most cutting-edge products coming their way. Some of the best tidbits we were able to gather include 5G technology, new processors, and unique laptop models.

One such item is the new HP Envy laptop that mixes wood and metal. Last year, the brand also made headlines with the Spectre Folio, a leather-wrapped notebook. Both models are absolutely stylish, which is why we love the Azio Retro series keyboard and mouse.

The aforementioned HP products earn big points for their choice of materials. Hence, we are also extending our appreciation for the outstanding craftsmanship of Azio’s products. The lineup features wood, leather, and metal. With the right configuration and design, the results can be mesmerizing from an aesthetic standpoint.

Let’s start off with the Retro Compact Keyboard (RCK) that comes in four designs. Three of these use a mix of metal and leather with one model that features a combination of wood and metal. Likewise, a steampunk theme is the best way to describe these Bluetooth keyboards. Moreover, these would make an attractive accessory for your workstation.

Next, the Retro Classic Mouse (RCM) is a Bluetooth ambidextrous mouse. There are three variants available, all of which use leather and metal. According to the manufacturer, the wireless keyboard’s battery can last up to nine months but throttles down to two months with the backlight function on.

Meanwhile, the wireless mouse promises a four-month usage time and its Pixart PAW3805 sensor tracks movement on virtually any surface. The Azio Retro series keyboard and mouse are a little pricey at $219.99 and $99.99, which is a small price to pay for steampunk style.

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Images courtesy of Azio