Unless you are an audiophile, a regular pair of cans should be enough for your basic needs. Listening to podcasts, audiobooks, and music should sound passable at best, but just enough to enjoy. On the other hand, those who are more discerning when it comes to acoustic accuracy should consider something more premium. If you identify with the latter, check out what the Avantone Pro Planar – a reference-grade open-back pair of headphones. As the name already tells you it uses planar-type drivers.

Most of the popular modern earbuds and headphone available in circulation right now use dynamic drivers. Models that are on the higher-end of the spectrum can and will deliver excellent sound reproduction. However, experts point out that planar configurations like that of the Avantone Pro Planar are more accurate. Moreover, the open-back design reduces the echoes one can normally hear on closed models.

Flaunting a vintage aesthetic, it will surprise when it comes to the auditory capabilities of the headphones. Available in black/black and black/red colourways casual and professional users will likely find one to suit their tastes. When the user requires precision such as in the case of musicians, mix engineers, audiovisual content creators, and others, Avantone Pro promises quality and performance.

It’s lightweight yet robust construction promises superior ergonomics perfect for long sessions in use. The over-ear arrangement of its ear pads and open-back structure should keep offer enough ventilation and comfort. Furthermore, each side features a 3.5 mm audio jack so you can plug in and keep the cable away. The Avantone Pro Planar just might be that headphones you always wanted.

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Images courtesy of Avantone Pro