As men, there are just times when we feel the need to be somewhere free from distractions. While there are others who can think clearly and even get work done no matter the situation, a private area that’s free from any form of disturbance should be available. Most guys a home office, some go for the garage, while others retreat to their man cave. However, one look at the Zen Work Pod from Autonomous and we automatically want one ASAP.

This is a prefabricated structure that boasts a striking design with a minimalist vibe that is sure to get anyone’s creative juices flowing. Especially with the ongoing COVID-19 situation, some people want to get away from the confines of their own residence. The Zen Work Pod offers a unique solution with how it can function separately from your house.

Enjoy the relaxing isolation it provides as natural light fills up the space to give you a boost of energy. The high ceiling, tempered glass panels, allows you to enjoy an open atmosphere even though you are indoors. As the name already hints, Autonomous wants to deliver a Zen experience. Its reliable construction uses sustainable materials such as walnut, aluminum, tempered glass, and walnut among others.

The Zen Work Pod promises a reliable platform that can withstand exposure to any type of weather. Moreover, Autonomous wants to jumpstart your productivity with the inclusion of a SmartDesk 2 and Kinn Chair. It’s practically a plug-and-play sort of affair, which is certainly a remarkable value as we see it. The 5-year warranty that comes with your purchase should assure you of its quality and justify the $9,500 cost.

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Images courtesy of Autonomous