If you’re the type who works on a laptop rather than on a desktop pc, then chances are stiff necks are your main enemy when it comes to staring at your gear from an odd position. Thankfully, the emergence of laptop stands helps prevent this from happening and the MOFT Laptop Stand does even more.

MOFT, which stands for Mobile Office for Travelers, creates tech products aimed to provide you with comfort while you work on the go or even at home or in the office. It helps you get the best viewing angle of your screen so you can perform more natural gestures while working on your laptop. It offers two elevation adjustments (high ideal for a sitting position and low for standing position). These positions help you achieve a more natural posture thus they prevent neck and shoulder pain.

The MOFT Laptop Stand seamlessly attaches to the back of your laptop through an adhesive that doesn’t leave a mark in case you decide to remove it. Made from special PU and fiberglass material, it is strong and can withstand a weight of up to 18 pounds. It is even super slim at just 1/10″ thick and lightweight at 3 ounces. The stand also folds in and out easily thanks to built-in magnets.

The MOFT Laptop Stand is also great for those with an active lifestyle and loves to take their gear with them because it can double as a carrying handle. If you feel adventurous, you can simply put your arm through the stand openings to convert the flaps into a handle.

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Images courtesy of MOFT