Let’s face it, traditional combustion engines are gradually on their way out. Consistent advancements in battery technology and electric powertrains tell us what to expect from the future. Sustainable platforms have come a long way from being just a niche in the automotive market. Now, vehicles such as the Aura EV fconcept tell a different story.

Climate change and rising costs of fuel require action. It won’t be long before noise pollution from our daily commute goes down significantly. Instead of a roar or growl, we hear a gentle hum as electric motors spring to life. Electric mobility solutions also keep the air we breathe free of dangerous pollutants.

The Aura EV sees four prominent British companies pool their talents to turn this eco-friendly long-range roadster into reality. Funding this project is the Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles via the Niche Vehicle Network. They’re developing and building everything from the ground up.

You can see this on the sleek outline that flows seamlessly from front to back. Astheimer is handling the minimalistic profile of the interior and exterior with help of bio-composite parts from BAMD. The modern cockpit seats two and features a massive infotainment system.

You won’t find the instrument cluster on the dashboard because it’s integrated into the steering wheel. The human-machine interface 9HMI) of the status screen runs on Android Automotive OS and is developed by Conjure. Potenza is supplying the electric drivetrain and batteries.

Two 44 kWh units combine for a 88 kWh total capacity which gives it an impressive range of 400 miles on a full charge. One is located in the engine bay up front, while the other is below the chassis. The optimal weight distribution gives the Aura EV excellent driving dynamics.

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Images courtesy of Aura