Content creation is becoming the go-to option for professionals amid the lockdowns. Those who regularly upload videos on their favorite platforms understand that it takes practice, skills, and a good gimbal to capture great footage or shots. Splurging on a professional-grade model might be overkill, but getting a handheld type seems like the ideal course of action. Snoppa Technology is currently crowdfunding the ATOM 2 – a follow-up to their original project.

While you can also get handheld gimbals for your smartphone from other brands, many are actually on the bulky side. Perhaps the closes comparison we can get for the ATOM 2 is the OSMO MOBILE. The latter was a versatile gadget, but it was a challenge to store after use. DJI followed with the OM 4, which was more pocket friendly and just as feature-packed as its predecessor.

Snoppa Technology is also taking everything you love about their first version and throwing in some upgrades. For example, the first-generation ATOM needs to be manually pried open and twisted to fold down afterwards. The ATOM 2, on the other hand, features an automatic system that senses when you need to open the arm.

The motors activate and automate the process and do the same once you are done. Fully closing the ATOM 2 gives you a compact form factor that can easily fit inside your pocket. Its 3-axis stabilizer system uses direct-drive brushless motors to eliminate camera shake.

Moreover, the telescopic handle extends and also doubles as a tripod. For controls, you have an ergonomic five-way joystick and a shutter/function button. The ATOM 2 operates up to 6 hours with its 2,500 mAh battery and fully charges in just an hour.

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Images courtesy of Snoopa Technology