If you’re a content creator who relies on a buddy to hold the camera or perhaps a professional who records in a studio, it’s crucial to focus on the subject. Furthermore, a steady hand or expensive rig that keep vibrations and other movements that lead to shaky in check can do wonders. Unfortunately, there are situations wherein we must work alone. This is where the AVA and its optional EyeSite Module come in to play.

Advancements in machine learning systems and AI are allowing integration with multiple platforms. Thus, developers and engineers with a passion for videography are introducing thrilling possibilities with the help of modern technology. The AVA – which stands for Automated Videoing Assistant – is an interesting crowdfunding project by Paul Jessop.

He’s calling it “your personal robot videographer” and it appears to be on point. In its core configuration, the gadget looks like a compact freestanding rotating mount. You know, the ones people use for amazing panoramic photos, time-lapse videos, and more.

Nevertheless, what the AVA does – in conjunction with the companion app – is automatically track a subject of your choice. You can program it to follow a horse, dog, ball, face, and person among others. With the EyeSite Module accessory, you can use other apps such as TikTok, FaceTime, Instagram, WhatsApp and more.

It is also compatible with your favorite action camera or DSLR which are normally more capable than the imaging sensors on a smartphone or tablet. Take full control over Bluetooth with up to 9 speed settings. Do so with the included remote, Apple Watch, and via the AVA app on your compatible smartphone. So far, our only gripe is it still uses a micro-USB connector instead of USB Type-C.

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Images courtesy of AVA/Kickstarter