Thanks to the internet and emulation, we can unofficially play games that are no longer in circulation. Clearly, there is a market for the classics, which was eventually realized by the gaming industry. With the resurgence of interest surrounding retro video games, Nintendo made the first move when it released the NES Classic Edition. It didn’t take long for the competition to follow afterwards. Now you can also relive the fun at the arcades with the Legends Ultimate.

Nintendo, Sony, Konami, and other companies are focusing on the home console experience. Meanwhile, AtGames lets your relive your days dropping quarters into different machines at your local arcade. Unlike what the others are offering, the Legends Ultimate is a full-size cabinet. Please note that it will require some assembly.

However, the process appears pretty straightforward and should not take long if you have some help. Once complete, the Legends Ultimate stands 66.44 x 29.53 x 21.65 inches. Just plug it in and enjoy more than 350 licensed titles on a 24-inch HD panel.

To play, you have two joysticks with six buttons each, a trackball, and two dials. This ensures compatibility with some of the titles that require a special control system. AtGames reveals that the library of games will continue to grow as it acquires more licenses.

The Legends Ultimate even boasts internet connectivity for online leaderboards and software/game updates. This would make a cool addition to any man cave or entertainment area at home. If space is a premium, AtGames also offers other bundles to sate your gaming nostalgia.

Buy – $599.99

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Images courtesy of AtGames