The ASMOKE 350 works similarly to its predecessor the ASMOKE 300 but comes with upgrades to make cleanup a breeze. Unlike the original, it now has auto-ashes cleaning and micro-particles Vapor Technology.

Enjoy your food smoked, grilled, roasted, and so much more with this 8-in-1 portable cooker that uses applewood pellets for a natural taste. It works pretty much the same as the 350, but what makes it stand out is its revolutionary ASCA System.

What it does is allow you to place liquid seasoning, wine, sauces, and more in a dedicated bottom tray. The liquid vaporizes at 600C and steams up in the form of microwaves and processes food autonomously. It speeds up the flavoring of the food 3x faster than traditional grills. Likewise, the vaporization process allows water to flow through the oven ducts during cool down to clean and auto-collect the ashes on the bottom tray. 

Moreover, the ASMOKE 350 boasts a larger capacity at 256 square inches of cooking space to fit a whole turkey. It has an extra-deep lid, can store up to 4 pounds of wood pellets, and has an auto-pellet reload feature. It even boasts a stainless steel interior with a premium porcelain coating and has a non-stick grid inside.

This griller also has a removable upper rack, a programmable meat probe port, color LED temperature control, and a larger grease collector side bucket. Best of all, the ASMOKE 350 is compact, portable, and looks fancy for any outdoor or backyard BBQ cookout. It also cooks fast because it heats up 15 percent faster and uses 20 percent fewer pellets. 

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Images courtesy of ASMOKE Grill