Old-school automotive design remains timeless and it shows as we still look back in time for inspiration. Restomods and vintage vehicles continue to fascinate us probably because they take us back to when these were considered revolutionary machines. ARES Design knows exactly what we mean as it partners with a French glassmaker for a special project. This collaboration glorifies the 1950s with the Wami Lalique Spyder. Moreover, it will be a highly exclusive release of only 12 units.

It goes to show that even in these challenging times, artists will never back down from their craft. This determination to create mechanical masterpieces is exactly whey we can marvel at this roadster’s jaw-dropping profile. We have a sleek form which blends a classic with modern elements. ARES Design points out that the sexy exterior uses carbon fiber and hand-shaped aluminum.

Another aesthetic cue from the Golden Age of Capitalism is the application of chrome accents. For the Wami Lalique Spyder, ARES Design gives the exhausts a generous coat for that elegant polish. The front and rear bumpers also feature over-riders and the wire wheels are an excellent touch. So far, everything makes for a cohesive combination that takes you back the period it pays tribute to.

Now, it’s Lalique’s turn to shine as the interior surrounds owners with luxury. Hand-made crystal embellishments adorn the center console to the doors. The English oak, hand-crafted Italian upholstery, and an overall retro presentation are exceptional. We also love that the infotainment panel remains invisible until it pops up from a slot on the dash. As for the powertrain of the Wami Lalique Spyder, ARES Design might share the details at a later time.

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Images courtesy of ARES Design