As much as people love downing cups of java, the process involved to craft the perfect cup can be challenging. Therefore, most of us prefer the convenience of machines that are compatible with pods. Meanwhile, others prefer to control every step to produce a beverage that meets their tastes. A crowdfunding project called the ARCO which seems like an interesting piece of equipment for coffee lovers.

Professionals recommend that we buy whole beans instead of ground to preserve the aroma and flavor. As such, it’s better to grind them just before you brew or extract your shot of espresso. The ARCO is designed by Anze Milavec, who – under the Goat Story label – has introduced several products to help us enjoy our daily dose of caffeine.

Who knew that what looks like a stylish ornament on your kitchen counter turns out to be a coffee grinder? The ARCO sports a matte black exterior with accents in silver and copper. It measures 11 inches high, 3.6 inches wide, 7.5 inches deep, and tips the scales at 6.2 lbs. This is perhaps the slimmest form factor we have seen in a machine of its kind.

The ARCO gives users the option to adjust the coarseness of their grind. Moreover, they can either choose to do it with the help of the powerful motor or by hand. To do the latter, just remove the main section and attach the handle. There are around 120 grind settings to choose from which is impressive. This 2-in-1 coffee grinder looks sleek and premium with the cool touch of its aluminum housing.

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Images courtesy of Goat Story