Cooking options are limited when you’re out in the great outdoors. There are portable cookers and other camping gear that do the job when you want to whip up something easy and simple. But if you have the ARB Slide Kitchen, you can definitely feed a family.

This is a fully-contained kitchen set up for your SUV or truck. As its name suggests, it slides out from the back of your vehicle and flips open into a backcountry cooking station. It sets up and packs in 15 seconds and stays in place without the need for a support leg.

A built-in slam latch drawer handle lets you pull out the slider and bring out the kitchen-grade stainless steel benchtop. The bench then locks into place and a red locking tab swings out the stove and sink. The ARB Slide Kitchen features a fully-retractable over-extension roller design for complete vehicle clearance.

This fully-functional outdoor kitchen even provides space for storing small items below the benchtop while at the end is an aluminum powder-coated drawer for cooking and eating utensils.

What makes the ARB Slide Kitchen simply amazing and reliable as an outdoor kitchen is its cooking capacity. It is equipped with a Thetford Argent 3 burner MK3 stove which comprises one large 2.5kW rapid burner and two smaller 1.25kW burners with flame-out tech. The stoves come with a tempered glass lid as a protective covering. Then there’s the 12L collapsible silicone sink to clean food, dishes, or wash hands. It comes with a dish drying base and can hold a max weight of 15kg.

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Images courtesy of ARB 4×4 Accessories