After being hailed in the past as the company that revolutionized the modern smartphone, Apple seems to be behind its rivals when it comes to innovations. When almost every other flagship Android handset is shipping with bigger batteries, the iPhone 12 collection is packing ones in smaller capacities. To boost your daily usage time, here comes the MagSafe Battery Pack.

There used to be a time when the latest iPhones introduced exciting features that their competitors would quickly attempt to follow. These days, Apple seems to be the one playing catch-up. Its current model – the iPhone 12 – debuted with the MagSafe system, which is compatible with several accessories.

The MagSafe Battery Pack is a cordless solution for heavy users of the iPhone 12. Using powerful magnets, it snaps on the back of your device and stays on until you take it off. It then charges the smartphone’s battery. Another cool function is its ability to charge other Apple products wirelessly.

It uses Qi-charging technology to juice up your Apple Watch and AirPods just like a wireless charging pad. The manufacturer assures us that it will not mess up key fobs or credit cards while it is in your pockets or bags. Although the official product page makes no mention of it, the MagSafe Battery Pack supposedly confirms one rumor.

It seems the iPhone 12 is capable of reverse wireless charging after all. If owners keep the backup power unit connected while charging their handset, it apparently charges the former as well. It is available in a white colorway only.


Images courtesy of Apple