By now, almost every tech-savvy user carries a power bank. Depending on the usage pattern, some devices may drain their batteries faster than others. In our search for the most versatile model out there, we found something unique. What the ANX Duo offers is beyond just a backup platform for recharging, but is also a portable data storage system.

So far, the only caveat we can think of is the product’s current retail status. As of this writing, it remains a crowdfunding project Kickstarter. Nonetheless, it has already convinced 77 backers to pledge $11,042. With a modest goal of only $2,879, development should move forward with a commercial model soon to follow.

Another cool aspect that sets the ANX Duo apart from other power banks is the hinge mechanism. It somehow reminds us of Microsoft’s Surface Duo smartphone. However, instead of two touchscreens, we have wireless charging pads on rated at up to 15W on each side. 

Information supplied by the manufacturer confirms support for mainstream wireless charging protocols. There are a total of five USB-C ports and a single USB-A port. The ANX Duo can recharge at 100W and output as high as 65W, which should supply enough juice to most laptops.

It packs a total capacity of 16,000 mAh and supposedly retains it for up to 2,000 cycles. Pass-through functionality allows you to hook up multiple devices at the same time, while the ANX Duo recharges directly from the power outlet.

Finally, an M.2 NVMe SSD ensures blazing-fast read and write speeds. Storage capacity ranges between 128 GB to 4 TB. Optional accessories include a 100W GaN charging brick and a multi-card hub. For a premium look and feel, the ANX Duo is constructed out of ABC, PC, and aluminum.

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Images courtesy of ANX