Have you finally bought a portable power station? Depending on the reliability of your local grid, supply interruptions can be a rare occurrence or a chronic problem. If what keeps you on the fence is the uninspired design and poor unintuitive user interface of most options out there, perhaps YOSHINO Power’s lineup can change your outlook.

We understand that almost every other portable power station in the market sports the typical chromatic combo of black with vibrant accents. Browsing through YOSHINO Power’s catalog, on the other hand, what they’re offering are products emphasizing a minimalist aesthetic with their muted hues and streamlined silhouettes.

According to industry insiders, the company outsourced the design of their portable power stations to fuseproject and Yves Béhar. To convey a nature-friendly distinction, the studios came up with a logo of a bee formed out of hexagons to represent the insects and the honeycombs they build. There are four SKUs available: The B330 SST, B660 SST, B2000 SST, and B4000 SST.

What the naming convention alludes to is the wattage for the prefix and “solid-state technology” for the suffix. YOSHINO Power ditches the liquid electrolyte solution commonly used by lithium-ion batteries to prevent fire hazards. Moreover, studies show it can retain up to 90% of its original capacity even after 5,000 charging cycles.

Each YOSHINO Power portable power station ships with plenty of output ports to service multiple devices simultaneously. These bad boys recharge rapidly from your home’s outlets and also support solar panels when off the grid. Some models feature wireless charging pads for compatible devices. Backed by a five-year warranty, it’s an assurance that these are built with quality and performance in mind.

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Images courtesy of YOSHINO Power