LG and Samsung both made a huge splash at CES 2024 with transparent display technology. Although Xiaomi was ahead of the game by several years, the new models are apparently more advanced. Meanwhile, Sony opted to focus on its OLED series and still managed to impress attendees. TCL, on the other hand, opted to go big with the 115QM89.

When cinemas were closed during the pandemic, the market for large-format screens and projectors skyrocketed. It seems people found out they can likewise enjoy a similar experience at home anytime with the right hardware. Gargantuan TVs made their debut several years ago, but the prohibitive cost meant mass adoption was almost impossible.

At 115 inches, the 115QM89 is currently billed by tech journalists as the “world’s largest 4K mini-LED TV” and establishes TCL as a serious contender in the home entertainment segment. Although 8K panels should be mainstream by now, there is a lack of content recorded in the aforementioned native resolution.

Hence, the Chinese group stuck with what’s readily available at the moment. A unique selling point of this SKU is the backlight system dubbed “QD Mini LED Ultimate” and its 20,000 dimming zones. It’s likewise backed by the latest in-house AIPQ Ultra Processor for superior image quality.

If that’s not enough, there’s also a 6.2.2 channel Dolby Atmos speaker setup out of the box. TCL notes the peak brightness of the 115QM89 reaches a little north of 5,000 nits alongside a DCI-P2 color space accuracy of approximately 98%. Plug in your gaming rig and the panel can ramp up the refresh rate up to 144 Hz. Unfortunately, we have to learn of its pricing and release date.

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Images courtesy of TCL