Apple is responsible for innovating the smartphone market with the debut of the iPhone in 2007. For years, competitors struggled to copy whatever the Cupertino-based tech giant throws out. Rumors hint at the company’s foray into mobility solutions, but we have yet to see any evidence of anything in development. Until that happens we can rely on cool concepts like the iLine for now.

Although sources claim a futuristic self-driving automobile is in the works, the manufacturer might go with personal transport first. Perhaps after they work out the kinks with autonomous driving systems, that is when we’ll see one. Apple has a good track record when it comes to timing after all.

These days, many consider the brand boring as forward-thinking Android OEMs pave the way with exciting new features. Hence, it’s likely for Apple’s engineers to focus on something totally unexpected that would blow everyone away when it launches. The iLine may not be official, but it looks the part.

For now, let’s learn more about Amanda Hettiarachchi’s proposal. Instead of e-bikes or e-scooters, the designer goes for a more compact platform. There are two versions: The iLine and iLine mini. The standard model features a detachable folding control handle, while the other does not.

Users can control the sustainable urban commuter with their Apple Watch or iPhone via a dedicated app. Sensors help it navigate around obstacles in real-time when the autonomous mode is active. For additional security, the iLine will require you to authenticate via the touchscreen on the removable handle. Let’s hope Apple shares more about their product roadmap which includes personal transportation.

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Images courtesy of Amanda Hettiarachchi