Those with a love for the sea will find a remarkable and unique experience onboard the Anthenea. It offers hotel amenities while giving you a serene moment with nature.

Inspired by the seaworthy pod in the 1977 film “The Spy Who Loved Me,” this floating hotel provides you with a seaside escape like no other. This 50 square-meter alcove provides guests with a picturesque underwater view in a comfortable bubble that offers high-end facilities.

The Anthenea hosts a spa-room, a panoramic bathtub with fresh or saltwater, and a lounge area with curved sofa and furniture. The lounge area also provides you with underwater views through glass windows. It also has a sleeping area equipped with a round XL-sized bed. You also have the things you need to make your stay comfortable including water stations, a wood-burning stove, and a desalination system.

Moreover, this alcove also has a solarium that gives guests 360-degree views of the ocean. The solarium can sit 12 people and comes equipped with a motorized reclinable sunshade roof that automatically switches to the direction of the wind. The Solarium windshield is removable so you can make way for a spare room.

Designed with off-grid adventures in mind, this floating hotel utilizes the power of the sun to power up electronics. It has five south-facing solar panels on the circular roof, designed as such to follow the sun’s rays.

The Anthenea uses home automation to control electronics. Smartphones work to turn on lights and perform other power functions. It stays afloat using silent motors and a couple of propulsion pods.

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Images courtesy of Anthenea