To celebrate 70 years of making legendary 35 mm high-end photographic tools, Swiss company ALPA is releasing the 12SWA Anniversary Edition Camera ($TBA), presented in an extremely limited run.

A tribute to the first of their line (the ’12SWA’ – launched in 1996), this classic 35mm reflex camera is limited to only 20 units representing 20 years of their 12 medium format system. It sports a special edition of the rodenstock / ALPA ‘HR alpagon 5.6/70 mm’ lens, plus the signature ALPA viewfinder. A special edition light meter with additive manufactured holder, a ground glass, and a high-end dark cloth in a special edition case are also provided along with 100 rolls of “ready to use” Fujifilm, and a personal ALPA anniversary edition set certificate.

A close look at this machine and the level of craftsmanship that went into it, and it’s clear why it’s been compared to fine musical instruments. For connoisseurs only. [via]