Given the entry of Asus, Lenovo, MSI, and other manufacturers into the gaming PC/Notebook segment. Offering rigs, laptops, and parts that appeal to more frugal consumers, it’s difficult for Dell’s sub-brand Alienware more premium pricing to match. Yet, it’s not going anywhere soon as evident by the release of its new Aurora R13.

Enthusiasts will say that building a bespoke gaming rig with specifications and customizations of your design is the only way to. Not only does it provide you with satisfaction when it runs beautifully, but it can cost lesser than a pre-built model.

Still, Alienware caters to people who just want a style and power straight out of the box, no assembly required. The Aurora R13 arrives with the company’s Legend 2.0 industrial design. It still boasts a sleek sci-fi profile distinct to the line. The upgraded chassis also provides more space for optimized airflow and organized cable management.

By default, it ships with two 120-mm fans, but it’s possible to fit a total of four. You’ll find the intakes at the front of the case while it pushes everything out the rear vents. Dell’s engineers claim even when gamers push performance to the limit, the Aurora R13 should run quieter and cooler than its predecessors.

Gamers who prefer to tweak their rigs can add liquid cooling systems. You can choose between an Intel or AMD version of the Aurora R13. AlienFX RGB lighting adds another degree of personalization. Personally, we love the Dark Side of the Moon colorway, but the Lunar Light version looks snazzy as well.

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Images courtesy of Alienware