We love it when two automotive manufacturers collab, because more often than not, they really come up with pretty interesting things. Like this Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato. Even though we probably won’t see any two Italian supercar makers work together anytime soon, there’s this.

Credit goes to Rishi Soman and Siddhant Jaokar, a design duo outfit from India, for this incredible concept. They combined the best elements from both Alfa Romeo and Zagato rides and made one hell of a dream supercar.

As such, with the Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato, Soman and Jaokar give us a glimpse at what it may look like if these two legends were to work on an ultra futuristic project. The car draws inspiration from the size of an Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior and stature, a unique take on the oft-lauded slimline vehicle. And to make the platform even prettier, the design duo decided to put a refined front end, elongated hood, and angular bodywork.

You’ll also find a triangular grille, a narrow cabin, and LED accessories to complement that ride’s super sleek silhouette. You also get a set of carbon fiber wheels, and some rubber tires courtesy of Pirelli. The only real downside to this concept car is exactly that — it’s a concept. We don’t expect Alfa Romeo and Zagato to get hitched anytime soon and make the Italian supercar of our dreams. But for now, we have this fantasy to savor. Hit the link below to see more.


Photos courtesy of Rishi Soman and Siddhant Jaokar