Good news! If you or your loved one have ever dreamed of living in a majestic palace, it might be possible to do so if you’re in France. How you ask? Well, it appears that one particular palace now accepts overnight stays. The Airelles Château De Versailles hotel offers a majestic experience for those who can afford to write off about two grand per night.

If the rate is a shocker, keep in mind that your accommodations are very exclusive ones. In fact, this is the very structure that once housed the country’s royalty from 1662 to 1789. Moreover, some of the world’s most memorable events such as the signing of the Treaty of Versailles and Treaty of Paris.

You should know that daily tours will still continue for the rest of the visitors, but you will have access to even more. Guests who book their stay at the Airelles Château De Versailles hotel can enjoy a private tour. Let your guide unlock areas that are normally not available for the public.

These include Marie-Antoinette’s English Gardens and Louis XIV’s Grand Trianon. When it comes to dining, the Airelles Château De Versailles hotel intends to impress. The restaurant features a magnificent selection of food curated by chef Alain Ducasse.

Your stay includes breakfast prepared by the renowned French chef, afternoon tea, and a complimentary minibar. A dedicated butler for each Airelles Château De Versailles guest will cater to their requests. Unlimited use of electric golf carts and boats are also part of the package. Finally, melt away into bliss when you visit the Valmont Spa to relax after a day of adventure.

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Images courtesy of Airelles Château De Versailles hotel