The Air X MicroClimate Helmet takes protection from COVID-19 really seriously. It is a mask-and-shield in one that not only protects but also makes talking less of a hassle.

This may not exactly be on anyone’s preferred choice of protection against viruses and bacteria. But physical appearance aside, it boasts superior protection with four replaceable pleated HEPA 11 filters that filter 95 percent of 0.3 micron particles. One filter functions as the exhaust and the others as inlet to keep the interior pressure and air velocity low. This results in a comfortable and breathable interior.

Moreover, the Air X MicroClimate uses twin fans that expel air at a rate of 120 lpm to provide cool dry air that prevents the acrylic dome from fogging up. This protection also utilizes over 200 square inches of filter to keep air velocity very slow.

This ingenious device likewise features a fabric scarf that reacts to any unaccepted events like coughing. It bulges out to normal size from its contracted size in order to contain these events. Then there’s the robust and flexible neck seal that remains airtight with the use of an elastic drawstring.

The Air X MicroClimate weighs 1.75 pounds and it comes with head pads for support so it does not touch the face. It has an acrylic transparent dome that makes it easy for people to lip read or see your face while talking. The fan runs on two Lithium Polymer batteries that provide over eight hours of airflow. The batteries recharge through a USB-C port discreetly hidden under the fabric. This device even works well with Airpods and Live Listen feature on iOS.

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Images courtesy of MicroClimate