Nothing beats the summer heat than a dip in cool water or cold refreshments. Drinks straight out of the fridge are well and good. But one that comes with lots of ice is way better. But it can be a bummer when you realize that you’ve run out of them in the freezer and it’ll take hours to make new ones. Also, not everyone can afford a fridge that’s equipped with an ice-maker. Thankfully, there are standalone ice machines to save the day just like the AGLUCKY Ice Maker.

This portable machine makes perfectly-sized ice cubes in minutes instead of hours. It only takes a max of eight minutes to make nine ice cubes. In a day it can produce up to 26.5 pounds which makes it perfect during house parties or trips to the beach or in the outdoors. Plus, it doesn’t wake up the neighbors in the process with its silent operation.

The AGLUCKY Ice Maker comes with guide presets including ice cube size and safety indicators. You can choose from large or small soft, bullet-shaped ice cubes sized just right to fit inside a shot glass. Then there is an indicator that tells you when it’s time to refill the water or take out the basket when filled with ice cubes.

This countertop ice maker also keeps its cool thanks to a built-in exhaust system that releases heat into the air. Plus, its size and weight are ideal for any occasion. You can easily transport it anywhere, great as tailgate or camping gear, with its 7.65 kg weight. It also requires minimal space in your kitchen or any surface at just 14.5 x 13.25 x 10.35 inches.

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Images courtesy of AGLUCKY