The ADT Blue Doorbell Camera brings the functionality of a doorbell and a security camera in one device. This latest home automation system not only ensures security but gives you peace of mind whenever you’re away from home.

This easy-to-install device alerts you whenever anyone approaches your door from within a 180-degree field of view. The camera provides HD video quality and infrared LED night vision too. So you’ll never be left wondering who or what is at your doorstep.

Moreover, the ADT Blue Doorbell Camera not only lets you see whoever is at your doorstep. It also features a full two-way talk system (with noise reduction) so you can speak to the other person and hear what the other is saying in real-time. All these are made possible via a mobile app that lets the user store video recordings online, access their front door remotely, and receive alerts when someone is at the front door. The camera records 30-second clips that you can store, playback, and even share.

Do not fret when it comes to bad weather conditions. This home security device is water-resistant. It can survive high or low temperatures. As for installation, the ADT Blue Doorbell Camera needs to be hardwired using 8-24 VAC and needs to connect through WiFi. It has a built-in 2.4GHz WiFi connection.

The ADT Blue Doorbell Camera also offers multiple mounting options using different mounting brackets that work with a variety of door frames and gang boxes. For ease in installation, an ADT security technician can do the work hassle-free.

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ADT Blue Doorbell Camera

Images Courtesy of ADT