Know what is happening inside and outside your home anytime, anywhere with the VAVA Home Cam. This wireless security cam gives you 365 days of peace of mind with its one-year battery life and more.

It has energy-saving features including the low-energy yet long-range wireless communication protocol between the Home Cam and Base Station. It uses H.265 video encoding which takes up 50 percent less bandwidth. These result in a yearlong life on a single battery charge that provides superb performance. Day and night video rendered is crisp with 1080p HD clarity.

The VAVA Home Cam works with a companion app that provides remote live viewing of your home. It notifies you of unusual activities, such as unexpected movements of the camera or if the device is out of range. The app also gives you full control over the camera: you can schedule monitoring and trigger the built-in alarm directly from the app.

Best of all, the VAVA Home Cam is has an IP66-exterior so it is weather-proof, which makes it efficient both for indoor and outdoor use. It sets up fast and comes with three different mount types: outdoor, strong magnetic mount, and desktop mount for easy placement on any surface.

This home security camera is also free from monthly charges for video storage. Instead, you can keep collected footage in a micro SD or NAS storage.

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Photos Courtesy of VAVA