The urban jungle turns into a runway for the fashionable come Winter time, but it is also necessary to find a wearable that keeps us warm and dry. Japan’s Addict Clothes only has the comfort of people in mind in the coming cold days so the company is releasing the Sheepskin Highwayman Jacket, a new version of its vintage double-breasted jacket.

This classic American-inspired wearable brings back the iconic James Dean look and is a flashback to John Travolta’s staple wear in Greece. The epaulets on both shoulders and the well-defined, polished zippers give it a stylishly roguish appeal. The belt loops on the front and the buckled waist belt likewise add to the 1950s look.

What makes this motorcycle jacket perfect to wear in freezing temperatures is its construction. It is made out of soft sheepskin leather with a Moulton collar that warms and protects the neck from the biting cold. The Moulton collar is also removable so the jacket can be worn without it on days when it is not so cold.

The Addict Clothes Sheepskin Highwayman Jacket comes with a dark black finish. However, over time the color fades to reveal its brown core. The use of authentic leather means the jacket eventually produces its own sheen and color depending on usage and weather exposure.

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Photos Courtesy of Addict Clothes