You’ll have to stop winding up your friend for trying to rebirth the mullet in 2018 after you see this leather jacket. Inspired by a classic 60s design, this waxed-canvas adventure jacket often seen hugging the bodies of bikers and James Bond is a bit more special than meets the eye. Saints have manufactured a classical design but made it practical for other uses than doing the chicken dance on a Friday night.

It is made from a type of waxed cotton, durable fiber and UHMWPE to withstand even the most extreme elements, making it the perfect jacket for road sport enthusiasts. Its materials and manufacturing also make it water repellent and windproof and resistant to bursts, impacts and abrasion.

The jacket is overdosed on pockets. It is lined with multiple pockets perfect for various biker and motorsport equipment, as well as having cargo pockets and internal pockets. One of the cargo pockets is positioned on the breast and water resistant – ideal for mobile phones.

Additional features include adjustable openings at the wrist, waist and neck to ensure a snug warm fit as you move through the wind at high speeds. As well as press studs and an overall vintage feel.