Thanks to wheelchairs, those of us who have disabilities or injuries can remain mobile to a certain degree. Depending on your requirements there are manual and automatic electric models to choose from. However, from an innovation standpoint, there’s nothing much that you can tweak to make it even better. Except maybe for the components, which the Kuschall Superstar demonstrated by using aerospace-grade materials. Nevertheless, upon seeing the Action Trackchair, we clearly need to update our search parameters in the future.

By far, this is the most badass mobility solution we’ve seen in a while. Its unique approach changes the game because you’re no longer limited to movement on flat surfaces. From the start, the name already gives it away. You see, this wheelchair promises superior mobility via a pair of tracks on each side. Now you can traverse over all kinds of terrain with ease and stability. Just like high-end seats, users can control the tilt to find the best position for ultimate comfort. Furthermore, the two armrests can swivel up to make it easier to sit and exit the wheelchair.

If you’re craving for more functions then the Action Trackstander is here to help. Just like the Action Trackchair, it sports two tracks instead of wheels. The only difference is the extra pair of wheels on the front. This apparently helps with balance when the mechanism moves to allow the user to stand. This is a very handy function to help people access stuff that is normally out of reach when they’re seated. The manufacturer wants to make every wheelchair according to its user’s requirements. Hence, buyers can choose from 18 colors, 5 models, and 14 sizes.

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