Since 2014, Acebeam has always provided high-quality flashlights for outdoor enthusiasts, emergency responders, military personnel, police, and more. Their EDCs are built to withstand mother nature’s brunt and are guaranteed to last for many uses.  As such, they have been distributed in over 100 countries armed with the assurance of having both beautiful aesthetics and excellent performance. Their latest model, the Acebeam Rider RX, is another powerful torch that not only provides clear and bright illumination. It also provides entertainment, especially for the fidgets.

Acebeam has been pursuing continuous product innovation. The original idea of designing Rider RX is to develop an EDC lamp that is different from ordinary AA flashlights on the market, which can not only meet the needs of daily work, but also let you decompress in stressful work environment, and can also be given as a gift. So the Rider RX was developed.

At present, there are many kinds of AA-size EDC flashlights on the market, with similar functions. The design team of Acebeam has been thinking about how to make an EDC flashlight that you can’t put down. Rider RX is not just a small tool to satisfy your daily ordinary lighting.

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Clear Bright Light  


The Acebeam Rider RX is a bang for your buck flashlight with a modern design and great light output. It can brighten up a dark path with 650 lumens of clear bright light. Instead of a CREE LED, it utilizes one Nichia 219F LED with a high color rendering index (CRI) value of 90 and a neutral 5000K color temperature. What you get is a clear view of your surroundings through a soft and balanced beam with a max distance of up to 96 meters and a peak intensity of 14,400cd. The lighting more realistically restores the color of things, so it can correctly identify the true color of things under night lighting.

Speaking of brightness, this latest iteration of Acebeam’s EDC flashlight comes with SOS and four light modes: Ultra-low, Low, Mid, and High. It even gives the convenience of momentary illumination when the light is off. A half-press and hold motion on the tail switch turns the light on momentarily. Simply release the hold to turn the light off again.  

Not to mention that with a tail stand, it easily functions as a candle and prevents accidental activation. For convenience, the flashlight also has a built-in memory function that automatically accesses the previously used brightness level (SOS excluded).

Versatile Power Source

The Acebeam Rider RX runs on one 14500 Li-ion battery rechargeable via a built-in USB C port. The battery also works with either a Ni-MH or AA battery, making it easy to swap power sources when the need arises. But for maximum light performance, it’s best to use the rechargeable battery to get the max 650 lumens under High mode, contrary to an AA or Ni-MH battery that only gets to 200 lumens.

This hand tool even doubles as a fidget toy to pass the time or relieve stress. It has an intelligently designed pocket clip that runs on a mechanical slider instead of magnets, which you can push back, forward, and down for hours of enjoyment and relaxation.

The Acebeam Rider RX has the function of decompression and play. The inner cylinder can be pushed and pulled into an L-shaped position by the ball, and the thrust and repulsion are brought by the paragraph when the metal hits. The feeling is crisp and powerful, bringing you the double enjoyment of hand feeling and hearing! 

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Ergonomic, Stylishly Modern

Inherent with every Acebeam flashlight is the ergonomic design. The Acebeam RiderRX is no exception. It is exceptionally compact at just 3.77 inches long and 0.73 inches thin (with the clip at 1.03 inches). It is also lightweight, so it stays comfortable not just in your hand but also in the pocket at 82grams with the battery. Adding to its portability is the stainless steel pocket clip that easily straps to a belt, cap brim, or to a MOLLE System so you can take it everywhere with you be it in the great outdoors or in the urban jungle.

Its two-way holding clip design can satisfy any wearing preferences in different situations. Who said that ordinary flashlight holders can only hold the torch in the pocket? The Acebeam Rider RX can also be clamped on the brim of the hat and used as a headlight temporarily.

Moreover, an aerospace-grade aluminum-alloy body and a stainless-steel outer shell ensure the Acebeam RiderRX stays durable no matter the adventure. It can withstand a drop of up to one meter and is submersible in water up to two meters. A double-layer design barrel also ensures it stays cool to the touch during use. Its stainless steel wire drawing process shell and hollow hole design not only can effectively isolate the heat released by 650 lumens, but also reveal the mysterious blue inner tube, which may be a good gift for business.

The Acebeam RiderRX boasts both remarkable aesthetics and function. Its lightweight and travel-friendly design make it a great EDC flashlight. Plus, the added benefit of a fidget toy makes it a cool mini gadget to pass the time with or as a stress reliever. 

Get It Here: Get 10% OFF with Discount Code: ACE10