Multi-tools come in various designs, shapes, and sizes. But never one inspired by a bookmark until Ideaspark’s BookBond Pen. This is a multifunction bookmark that does more than mark a page in your book or journal. 

Intended to redefine how “we interact with our favorite books and engage with the written word,” this versatile tool features a sleek silhouette in a lightweight design.  It’s crafted from Grade 5 titanium alloy and weighs and measures merely 34 grams and 3.55 mm, respectively.

Concealed within the sleek frame of the BookBond Pen is an eternal pen for a continuous writing experience. Aside from a writing tool, it also transforms into a precise measuring tool with the addition of dual-scale rulers in imperial and metric units. Then there’s the sloped edge that is strong and sharp enough to do small tasks.

It doubles as a versatile multi-tool that can scrape, pry, open boxes, cut paper, or function as a self-defense weapon. Meanwhile, engraved tritium vial slots offer an enchanting green glow for visibility in the dark.  It is bright enough to see even in the darkest nook so you don’t lose this tool.

The BookBond Pen also comes with a keyhole chain to attach it to a keyring or tether to a lanyard or paracord for quick, easy access even when on the go. This way, you’re not limited to just using it on your book for storage. This is a multifunctional bookmark that is both elegant in appearance yet powerful in functionality. It is practically designed without compromising portability.

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Images courtesy of Ideaspark