Jimmytronics, a small EDC brand founded by two longtime friends, has taken the humble slider method in utility knives up a notch with its recent invention, The Sardine Keychain Knife. A slider typically requires constant pressure to keep the blade extended and it springs back into its handle once released using an attached spring.

Jimmytronics utilized this idea and combined it with a more EDC-friendly locking mechanism called the Verti-Lock. It’s an “entirely unique opening, closing, and locking system” that does not require the constant pressure so you can work continuously with ease.

The Verti-Lock method allows the top button to slide into a notch to fully extend the blade. The button then goes through the standardized hole in the X-Acto #11 craft blade, allowing the release button to protrude outside the opposite end. A quick press on this button and the blade snaps back into the handle.

Jimmytronics billed it as “the most compact, durable, unique locking mechanism that the knife world has ever seen.”  In terms of size, this is a keychain utility knife equipped with one of the smallest replaceable blades ever made, achieved through tireless shaving, shaping, and adjusting to make it as small yet strong as possible.

It is just 2.36” long when closed (roughly the same size as some keys). Speaking of strength, The Sardine is machined entirely out of titanium and held together by four stainless steel torx-head screws that never rust nor break. It’s also helps to know that it uses only X-Acto #11 blade, the most trusted, standardized, and dimensional steel blade crafted in the U.S.A.

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Images courtesy of Jimmytronics