The A. Brolly SpeedWarm Hoodie gets rid of the bulk and the lingering cold when you want to warm up during chilly conditions. Forget bundling up in layers of clothing and staying close to the heater or fireplace. This ingenious wardrobe replaces the need for both in one elegant and comfortable outfit that you can wear both indoors and outdoors.

A. Brolly engineered their product to go beyond what normal thermal wear can offer. It enhances the power of graphene fiber to conduct heat faster and longer without direct skin contact. This durable fiber keeps your body warm for hours as it continuously generates far-infrared to provide heat.

The A. Brolly SpeedWarm Hoodie boasts 90% of graphene fiber content. The high-density fiber is best in sustaining heat preserve and best in heat absorption and equal heat dispersion. This means the hoodie warms up fast in just 60 seconds by up to 5°C.

Meanwhile, polyester makes up the remaining construction for a comfortable stretch and for quick dry. This wear has a full-body design, a couple of side pockets for storage, and an oversized collar to protect your neck from the cold. Its 3/4 length wide sleeves allow for versatile movements while the hoodie adds another level of comfort and protection.

The A. Brolly SpeedWarm Hoodie serves multiple purposes. It can be your bathrobe, blanket, or loungewear. You can also wear it outdoors during quick grocery runs, dog walks, or as casual wear thanks to its elegant and lightweight design. It is available in four colors including charcoal, baby blue, navy, and peach.

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Images courtesy of A. Brolly Designs