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The Lexus Hoverboard Gets Tested

A couple of months ago we reported on the futuristic Hoverboard presented by Lexus. Back then, the luxury car maker was very silent about the project, teasing us with a…


Lexus Hoverboard

Is it here, finally? A real version of Marty McFly’s hoverboard? Well, fellow geeks, this is something many of us are hoping to ride one day. And now the wait might…


Tony Hawk Rides the Hendo Hoverboard

We covered the news a while ago, about the world’s first functional hoverboard- The Hendo, which turned out to be a super successful Kickstarter campaign that has already raised $460,000…


The Hendo Hoverboard

Just like the kid from Back to the Future, we will soon be able to ride hoverboards on the streets! The Hendo Hoverboard ($10,000) could be such a recreational device.…


Auto Fabrica’s New Type 7

Weren’t we all supposed to be flying around on hoverboards by now? Well, in the meantime you could enjoy Auto Fabrica’s new type 7 model.


Nike Mag Sneakers

We are still waiting for a version of the hoverboard that actually works on regular pavement, but in the meantime we can get properly geared up with a pair of…


Flyte Levitating Light

We can’t help but feeling drawn to things that levitate. Yes, things like the Hooverboard get us excited like a kid swimming in a sea of candy bars! So you…



Looking like an accident waiting to happen, but actually being an ingenious piece of design, the Onewheel Self-Balancing Electric Skateboard ($TBA) perhaps makes the skateboard accessible to just about everyone.…

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