The Trunk Car takes a different approach to luggage mobility with its wild design. Instead of the traditional 360° wheels, it has a hoverboard in place so it serves a dual purpose.

The company behind this unique invention, China’s The 36th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, makes traveling not only stylish but also convenient. At first glance, it looks just like your typical luggage with wheels and a handlebar. But upon closer inspection, it proves to live up to its name. 

The Trunk Car is a suitcase with a detachable electric hoverboard with a handlebar built into it. You can use this to ride around the city, the airport (if allowed), or anywhere safe to ride a hoverboard in. Moreover, it makes it easier to move the luggage around thanks to its motorized system. 

If you want to bring the suitcase with you, then just attach the hard shell back onto the hoverboard so you get a motorized case that automatically moves in the direction you pull it to. This lessens the effort when you have to haul around heavy luggage.

Moreover, the Trunk Car, winner of this year’s Red Dot Design Concept Award, comes with a power assist mode that you can activate when driving over less-than-ideal road conditions. The suitcase’s driving device detects the user’s speed and offers assistance. The suitcase itself is versatile. More than storage for your travel essentials, it also functions as a balance car that can be driven outside. As such, this luggage perfectly combines a suitcase and an electric balance car.   

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Images courtesy of Red Dot