As we inch closer to an all-electric future for transportation, urban mobility platforms likewise follow. Green alternatives to get around out are trending over the years. Thus, we’re now regularly seeing concepts of what city dwellers will be riding in the days to come. Here we have the Electric Stand Bike, which is oddly not what it sounds like.

To be honest, we don’t think this electric kick scooter fits the description. Still, Alexandr Zhukouski might just be poking fun at how companies are usually calling their products. The Electric Stand Bike is definitely no two-wheeler since it uses a triple-wheel configuration. However, it somewhat lives up to the first two words of its name.

The wide deck of this personal commuter tells us stability and comfort come first. It sports a unique style wherein the front two rims are not mounted to a traditional axle. Instead, the designer is opting for a hubless wheel system. Judging by the images, we’re guessing it’s using two electric motors just like that of hoverboards.

Meanwhile, the rear wheel features a dual suspension system to make each ride as smooth as possible. In between the handlebars is a digital display for all essential information about the Electric Stand Bike. You can view the speed, battery levels, and probably toggle the different ride settings if there are any.

Bluetooth connectivity and a companion app on your smartphones are likely on board as well. Unlike most electric scooters out there, the Electric Stand Bike does not have a folding stem. Nevertheless, the fixed mounting allows it to integrate a storage box. To aid in low-light visibility, there’s also an LED headlamp that’s just low enough to illuminate your path.

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Electric Stand Bike black Electric Stand Bike top view Electric Stand Bike handle Electric Stand Bike display Electric Stand Bike headlamp Electric Stand Bike deck Electric Stand Bike suspension

Images courtesy of Alexandr Zhukouski