Compared to a few years back, we’re now bombarded with one e-bike release after another. We get it that the demand for emission-free mobility solutions is now at an all-time high. However, it doesn’t need to be two-wheelers only as VOOK prepares to crowdfund its latest project. What we have here is an all-electric trike with a remarkable range.

We understand the design seems like something purely for recreational purposes only, but this bad boy is more than just another three-wheeler. In other words, you can choose to hop and have fun, or turn it into a reliable commuter to work or elsewhere. We’re not the only ones who want this to become reality.

As of this writing, the Indiegogo page for the VOOK has already amassed $38,526 in funding, which places it at 192% of its initial $20,000 flexible goal. With 21 days left, we hope to get you guys hyped for this awesome eco-friendly platform. From a design perspective, the e-trike’s lowered stature allows riders to perform a variety of tricks.

Drifting is probably what most of you will use it for anyway. Nevertheless, the manufacturer points out that it can function as a green mode of transportation if needed. Therefore, the VOOK is available in two battery trims: 50 Ah and 30 Ah. The former is rated for up to 110 miles on a single charge, while the latter still manages 80 miles.

Each e-trike is outfitted with two 3,000W hub motors that can generate up to 106 lb-ft of torque combined. This allows the VOOK to easily zoom from zero to 100 meters in seven seconds. You can also choose from four driving modes: Safe (10 mph), Eco (15 mph), Sport (20 mph), and Boost (40 mph). Get it in Rosso Metis, Cracked Pepper, Deep Green, and Atlantic Night Blue.

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Images courtesy of VOOK