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Bandit9 L-Concept Motorcycle

With the release of the L-Concept Motorcycle, Bandit9 continues to push automotive design to new realms, or should we say where no one has gone before? More of a museum…


Bandit9 Odyssey Motorcycle

It is rare for a company to be lauded in such a way that their products can be found in prestigious museums all over the world. Bandit9 is one such…


Bandit9 Dark Side Motorcycle

Bandit9 Motorcycles out of Saigon, Vietnam, has a couple of gimmicks to set them apart from other custom motorcycle builders. ¬†First off, they craft their bikes in Limited Edition sets…


Bandit9 Eden Motorcycle

Philippine-born Daryl Villanueva has educated himself in design and engineering across the globe from Hong Kong, Australia, and Malaysia to China and the United States before creating Bandit9 Motorcycles in…


Bandit9 Eve Mk. II

Daryl Villanueva of the Bandit9 custom motorcycle garage in Saigon has taken only a few years to develop a world class reputation for his “retrofuturistic” designs. ¬†His original EVE bikes…



Normally we bring you motorcycles that are either rustic or old-fashioned or full-on glamorous speedsters. However, sometimes we come across a ride that offers a clean and elegant design with…

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