It’s always awesome to see just how far artists can push the limits of motorcycle design. Unlike cars, which are fundamentally more stable on four wheels, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to bikes. Mikhail Smolyanov purportedly draws inspiration from the EVE LUX by Bandit9 for the eZpin concept.

While the EVE LUX is aesthetically futuristic with a slim frame and chrome all over, the new two-wheeler takes another direction. Although the overall outline is notably aerodynamic, Smolyanov goes for something muscular instead. Furthermore, what heightens its appeal are the classic cosmetic touches on the body.

At first glance, the form factor of the eZpin reminds us of a rocket as the tail tapers to a fine point. The moto integrates the tail light which looks like a plume. We’re not 100% sure regarding the chassis since it’s under sheet metal panels, but the machine appears robust.

The exposed rivets are a nifty touch to give it a distinctly retro profile. According to the designer, the lower section of the eZpin holds the motor and its battery. Yes, the man behind it envisions this creation as an electric motorcycle. Further enhancing its striking silhouette are the two hubless wheels.

Instead of a regular saddle, an ergonomic cutout functions as the seat and promotes an aggressive riding position. Moreover, the handlebars tilt upward almost like that of yoke steering wheels. To minimize drag, the eZpin repositions the cockpit instruments a bit further back than usual. Finally, the front features a dual headlight setup. If this is the future of motorcycles, sign us up!

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Images courtesy of Mikhail Smolyanov