When it comes to avant-garde two-wheelers, look no further as Bandit9 adds another striking machine to its lineup. Much like their past projects, its latest model – the EVE Odyssey – is just as sleek as can be. Moreover, the sci-fi vibe remains intact but has been revamped with new materials and a more aggressive profile.

The company behind the build also holds back a bit with the futuristic design and incorporates retro elements across various sections of the bike instead. Although many will be quick to label it as an eco-friendly ride, the EVE Odyssey in its current form is hardly such.

In fact, it’s currently packing an 8-liter, air-cooled, 125 cc, single-cylinder Honda engine. The petrol-powered mill can purportedly hit a top speed of 165 mph. However, Bandit9 hints that an all-electric version will follow soon thereafter. As for the timeframe, nothing concrete has been divulged as of this writing.

The streamlined appearance and shimmer of the EVE Odyssey are from space-grade aluminum. This is the same alloy NASA uses in various types of spacecraft due to its superior strength-to-weight ratio and excellent resistance against corrosion.

This means the moto can easily withstand the harsh environment of outer space, but it won’t come to that anyway. Bandit9 endows the motorcycle with a unibody construction. Riders need to adopt an aggressive position when they’re on this bad boy.

In front is an LED headlight unit with turn signals flanking each side. Other parts crafted out of the metal include the foot pegs, clip-on handlebars, gas tank, and the rest of its chassis. Upon closer inspection, the EVE Odyssey exudes a classic aviation theme, which adds to its unique charm.

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Images courtesy of Bandit9