It’s up to us to find ways to make the best out of these challenging times. Otherwise, the stress and anxiety it brings will ultimately lead to nothing good. So, grab a drink, then maybe host a virtual hangout with your buddies and toast to the good times. To help you out, we have been featuring a cool selection spirits and ales. This week, the Land Down Under tempts us with a single malt whisky from 5Nines.

In the wonderful world of whisky consumption, Scotch, Bourbon, Irish, Japanese, among others are definitely what connoisseurs recommend. However, that list might soon change as another country seeks to become another leading source of top-notch blends. So far, Australia has been impressing renowned sommeliers across the globe with their selection of wine.

5Nines can potentially change the minds of snobs with their latest single malt release. They are maturing their whisky in oak barrels that were previously housing liqueur frontignac. As you can already guess, this imbues unique tasting notes the distiller describes as “warm sweet golden nectar.” Aromas of burnt caramel, wet earth, and malt sweetness invade your nostrils.

The palate is supposedly of malt, bluegum honey, and caramel boiled lollies are dominant. As for the finish, 5Nines lists honey, subtle oak, and apples. They are proudly sourcing their ingredients from suppliers in South Australia. According to the product page, the whisky goes straight from the cask into the bottles. The ABV rating is at 57.8% as there is no dilution, flocking, or chill filtering.

Buy – $270.00

Images courtesy of 5Nines Distilling